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Prompt, Courteous and Capable

I found Mr. Lare, The Errand Man, to be less expensive than I had feared. When I let him know my need, he found the 5-shelf units I wanted, and double checked price, timing, etc. When they became available, he drove twenty miles to put together 3 of the units. He was prompt, courteous and capable and cleaned up after construction. When I need a personal assistant, I will know that I can count on The Errand Man.

Anna E.

Thanks BIG TIME, Skip!

Thanks BIG TIME, Skip! Our daughter came down with the flu at MSU, and we wanted to quickly get a customized “care package” to help her get better. One quick email to you with a list of what we wanted, and the next thing I knew, my daughter was singing our praises! You made us look like heroes! Your service is efficient, courteous, and well-priced! We’ll certainly use you again! Thank you!

Chris M.