Small Businesses Services

The Errand Man is a fully bonded and insured personal and business concierge service provider serving small businesses within mid-Michigan. We offer a variety of small business services to help companies and organizations run smoothly regardless of schedule restrictions.

The Errand Man serves law firms, medical offices, restaurants, boutiques, and a variety of other local businesses so that they don’t have to sweat the “small stuff.” A business that utilizes The Errand Man can focus on what really matters: running their business. The Errand Man offers same-day courier services to small and local businesses as needed.

To understand how The Errand Man can work for you, it is important to understand what types of jobs we do. If you work at a law firm that needs same-day documents delivered or notarized, The Errand Man can help. If your medical office needs confidential documents moved safely and securely, we can help with that too. We are available to assist with a wide variety of both overnight and short-notice services to complete errands that you simply can’t dedicate the time to.

Many businesses need specific tools to complete a job, and sometimes during a job, you might realize you’re running short on supplies. Call The Errand Man and we can retrieve the necessary supplies on your behalf and deliver them to you so you can complete the job without taking time out of your own schedule.

If you are a larger business with several employees, The Errand Man can provide your employees with unlimited personal services for a fixed fee for several months. If your employees work hard daily, reward them in a practical way. The Errand Man can retrieve mail, pick up lunch, run to the post office, get your car washed and more for your employees. We can complete the errands that you need to get to but don’t have the time for. Instead of putting off the inevitable, let The Errand Man do it for you.